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The Massar Law Firm PLLC is a full-service law firm with attorneys who leverage their business experience and legal knowledge to provide real-world solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses who are navigating the myriad of  issues associated with real estate, business and estate planning matters.  The firm’s (somewhat unconventional) approach to the practice of law comes is founded upon our belief that focusing on each client and matter on a deal basis (rather than by the billable hour) and leveraging technology and process excellence to get deals done quickly, completely, and on-budget would be something that clients would not only value when the deal was done but continue to come back for in the future.  Such a belief held true since the firm’s inception and continues to serve as the firm’s continuing mission.  If this is something that resonates with you and you have a legal issue you need help with or want to discuss, CONTACT US TODAY and let's get started applying our mission to your concerns. 


We help our clients purchase, sell and develop real property and navigate the legal issues associated with the life cycle of a variety of office, industrial or retail commercial real estate projects.  If you've got a real estate issue or deal you need assistance with, we're ready and able to help.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our real estate practice. 


We assist business owners form companies, get deals done, handle ongoing operational issues, and develop succession plans that effectively and efficiently handle the business now and in the future.  We're the businessperson's business lawyer.  If you have business issues that you need help with, CONTACT US TODAY and let's get down to business. 


We provide streamlined estate plans that allow clients preserve their assets and protect their people both now and in the future.  Our estate planning process is understandable, effective, and able to be completed remotely at a flat-fee within 2 weeks or less.  If you need to get your estate in order or want to learn more about how easy and straightforward our Streamlined Estate Planning Process is, CLICK HERE

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4040 Broadway Street Ste. 307

San Antonio, Texas 78209


Office: 210.802.0083

Fax: 210.802.0091

( Principal Office )



12012 Wickchester Lane Ste. 680

Houston, Texas 77079


Office: 832.241.9659

Fax: 832.241.9656

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